Get me to the Church on time!

This won’t take long!

In researching the history of the use of Wedding Cars, We’ve found there’s very little that’s documented – so what else shall we talk about?

OK, we’ll give you what we’ve found!

Believe it or not but there was a time when hiring a car for your wedding was not a thing! Most Brides married in their local Church, which either they were able to walk to, or if not, then they traveled by horse and cart or carriage, depending on your position in Society. But back then, it was just a means of getting to the Church for the wedding to begin, whereas nowadays, hiring a special car is part of the theatre of a wedding and much more than just a matter of getting from A to B.

The one historical fact I’ve been able to find, which is quite amazing given the paucity of historical data, is this photograph of what is claimed to be the first use of a motorised vehicle at a wedding!


And courtesy of the Daily Express:

“Experts believe the 1903 photo of a veteran Daimler shows the first time a motor vehicle was used in a wedding. Now 110 years on, newlyweds can recreate the retro look by having snaps on-board the 1897 classic at the Haynes Motor Museum, near Yeovil, Somerset.

 Staff at the museum delved into the car’s history after it was donated by Bristol Museum. They found it was used at the wedding of James Andrews and Miss Rosa Gough in Weston-super-Mare in 1903 – and they were able to track down the original photo to relatives in New Zealand.

     ‘We believe it to depict the first documented use of a wedding car’ 

                               Mike Penn, Haynes Motor Museum

The Daimler Wagonette dates from a time when cars were still known as “horseless carriages”. With a top speed of 11.6mph, it could get Brides to the church on time – as long as they set off early enough.”

This car is now in a Museum but there are still plenty of very old Vintage Cars doing service at Weddings. If you think about it, many Brides entrust their arrival at possibly the most important appointment of their lives, to a vehicle which could be anything up to 100 years old! Such faith, but usually it’s not misplaced as these vehicles are loved and cherished and well fettled by their owners!

You’ll notice that the above car had no white ribbons attached to the car, whereas it would now seem strange to not have them.


There isn’t any more historical date on the use of these ribbons, but one theory is that it dates back to when friends of the marrying couple would decorate the wedding bed with ribbons and flowers in readiness for “bedding” the newlyweds. We can’t think why that tradition has died out but with the introduction of official wedding cars, it appears to have transferred to the vehicle instead!

Other than that, they appear to be used for no other reason than to let the World know that it’s a Wedding Car and the Bride is on her way to get married – “I’m not only doing it but I want you to see me doing it!”

Whatever the reason, we’re happy to dress Betty (our Taxi) with ribbons and often we’re asked to match a colour theme, and sometimes couples get us to personalise them, usually showing their names and wedding date, and we always send them on to them after as a keepsake from their special day!

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