Our Wedding Timeline

Three quarters of couples getting married, are marrying for the first time, and if that includes you, arranging a wedding is a whole new experience and possibly scaring the life out of you! what-plan

Each wedding supplier will have their own way of doing things, but there is usually an order to things, and we thought it would be helpful, to put together a timeline of what happens when you book our wedding car.

There are two separate phases – what happens before the wedding day, and what happens on the day itself.

Before the day.

 mapDuring the booking process, we will have got from you all that we need to know about venues and the people involved. The small details, such as ribbon colours, drinks, music etc., can be decided on later. Once the booking is confirmed and the deposit paid, nothing needs to happen until a week or two before the date, when we will do a dry run of the whole route. This gives us the timings we need, and also we’ll be looking for any possible problems that could arise on the day, such as traffic delays from football matches or similar large events. We’ll talk to someone at the wedding venue about the best place to pull up, plus anything else that’s relevant.We will then feedback to you the time we would want to leave, to get you to the venue on time.

Usually the day before the wedding, we will make sure the car is valeted and in the best condition for you, plus checking fuel levels and tyre pressures.

The Wedding Day.

Our aim is to provide our service as promised, but we also want to make this part of your day less stressful and more enjoyable. We often get feedback like this which means we’re probably doing something right!keep-calm2

“Andrew made everything so stress free…”  

“Nothing was too much trouble…”  

“Hassle free, friendly, professional service.”  

“…you made our day even more perfect!” 



The car will be checked again to make sure all is ok. Usually there’s something to do again, such as clearing windows. We then dress the car with ribbons, bows and flowers.

Having previously agreed the times with you, we’ll arrive about ten minutes before the agreed time, and having made you aware of our presence by popping a card through the letterbox, (subtle, eh?) we wait quietly until you’re ready to leave. We don’t believe there’s anything to be gained by adding to whatever stress levels already exist in the house, by behaving like an idiot, revving the engine or honking the horn!

Once you’re inside the car, you can just relax (if possible) until we arrive at the ceremony venue. Our rear cab gives you a degree of privacy, which is useful if you have last minute things to say to whoever’s travelling with you! Having already checked it out, we will drop you off at exactly the right place, at the right time, so that you are ready to go ahead with your marriage.


From that point on, it depends what service we’re providing for you. If you’ve chosen for us to be around after the ceremony, so you have photographs of you both with the car, we will do what we can to assist your photographer to get the photos they want for you.

If we’re taking you on somewhere for a reception, we will be ready to move when you are – we don’t impose our agenda on to you. Sometimes, couples want to leave the ceremony venue first so that their guests can see them off, and then have those guests waiting for them when they arrive at the reception. In this case, we will already have arranged a detour, possibly with a drinks ‘time out’ with you, to take up this time.

Once we arrive at the reception venue, we will either leave after you’ve entered, or wait if your photographer needs the car in more photos before the reception.

That’s how it works. It’s simple to us as we know what we’re doing, and once you’ve decided we’re the wedding car supplier you want, it should be simple for you too!


To find out more about us, please visit www.whitetaxiweddings.com

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