Unexpected Delights!

If you follow us on Social Media, you’ll know that we love what we do and that it doesn’t feel like work. Also, as we set our own prices, we’re happy with what we charge, so that alone is enough enough recompense for what we do. That couples are happy enough with our service to give us what so far have been glowing reviews is an added bonus for which we’re very grateful!

In recent weeks though, we’ve had some unexpected Thank You cards from couples, which I must add we don’t expect at all, but to get them out of the blue has just been delightful and gives us a lovely boost!


The first one came from the lovely Laura & Rania. For their wedding, we were hired just to take Laura and her Bridal party from her Parent’s house to the wedding venue, Kelham House Hotel, and then leave, So we didn’t get to see Rania, but from the photo on their card, they make a wonderful couple. Rania wrote these kind words on the card on behalf of them both:

“To Andy

Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness and service on our wedding day. We had an amazing day and Laura loved her White Taxi journey to our venue.

Love Rania & Laura xxx”


The next card to arrive was from the lovely Jessica & David. This time we were hired to take the Bride and her Father to the Wedding venue, at Swancar Farm, Trowel. Time overran them, so the married couple didn’t make it back to Betty for photos, but we’d already met David when the booking was made, and he wrote this on their behalf:

“To Andy

Thank you so much for the wonderful service you gave us on our wedding day – everything went perfectly and we had the best day ever! Thanks for all your help in making it run smoothly and help transport Jess in style!

Jessica & David”   (No love and kisses this time, David? 🙂 )


And finally, the most recent card to arrive was from the lovely Dawn & Gary. All three of these weddings have one thing in common, in that they’re single venue weddings with the ceremony and reception at the same place, so we weren’t needed to take the couple on to a reception somewhere else.. This time we were hired to take the Bride Dawn and her Mum to the venue at Rufford Mill, Rufford Country Park, and Dawn has written this:

“To Andy & Betty 🙂

Thank you so much for the amazing service you provided on my wedding day. I could not have chosen a better company to go with, and I’m so glad I came across your stall at the wedding fair.

I wish you well in the future.

Best wishes, love Dawn -x-“

Can you see why we enjoy what we do so much?

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The Wedding of Allison & Simon

If you have your wedding in early February in the UK, there’s a fair chance that the weather might not go your way, and unfortunately that’s what happened for Allison & Simon on Saturday.


The ceremony and reception were held at Ramsdale Park Golf Centre, at Calverton, Nottingham, and in terms of weather alone it was a very unpleasant day, with high winds, lots of rain and very chilly temperatures. We were hired to transport the Bridal party from the Bride’s hotel to the venue, and then wait until after the ceremony so the married couple could have photos with Betty.

The miserable weather meant that outside photos weren’t a real option, but the photographer did manage to get a couple of small group shots outside before the Bride froze, and they did make it to Betty for a photo inside the nice warm cab!


In spite of the awful weather, everyone was in good spirits and we’ve no doubt they had a great day and evening to celebrate the wedding of the lovely couple.


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