The Wedding of Allison & Simon

If you have your wedding in early February in the UK, there’s a fair chance that the weather might not go your way, and unfortunately that’s what happened for Allison & Simon on Saturday.


The ceremony and reception were held at Ramsdale Park Golf Centre, at Calverton, Nottingham, and in terms of weather alone it was a very unpleasant day, with high winds, lots of rain and very chilly temperatures. We were hired to transport the Bridal party from the Bride’s hotel to the venue, and then wait until after the ceremony so the married couple could have photos with Betty.

The miserable weather meant that outside photos weren’t a real option, but the photographer did manage to get a couple of small group shots outside before the Bride froze, and they did make it to Betty for a photo inside the nice warm cab!


In spite of the awful weather, everyone was in good spirits and we’ve no doubt they had a great day and evening to celebrate the wedding of the lovely couple.


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