Spring is in the Air!

Yesterday, was the first Wedding since last Autumn where I didn’t have to wear a jacket! It wasn’t particularly warm, but the bitterly cold, snowy weather has gone (for now) and it felt a little more appropriate weather for a wedding.


I’m always amazed that whatever the weather, most Brides wear their dresses without covering up, usually leaving arms and shoulders exposed, so it’s the least I can do to be there in my normal shirtsleeves and waistcoat wherever possible, but I do have my limits!

It was time for the marriage of Paula and Steve, and a lovely couple they were. The ceremony was at Glenfield Register Office, Leicester, and then on to the reception back in the Bride’s home village of Newbold Vernon.

After chatting to them during the day, they weren’t initially going to have hired transport as the wedding was low key for family and a few friends, but the Groom Steve, saw one of our adverts on Facebook and decided that he wanted Betty as she fitted in with the relaxed style of their day. Also she could carry the four people who needed to be taken to the ceremony venue quite easily, especially as the Mother of the Bride has limited mobility and Betty is well equipped to deal with this, having either a step or a ramp for access, and plenty of grab handles inside the cab.


So, we arrived at the Bride’s house in Newbold Vernon, early as usual, and when everyone was ready, we got the Bride, her parents, and her Sister who was her chief Bridesmaid, aboard and off we set. We got to the Register Office just a couple of minutes early, and waited briefly for the Groom to disappear from doing his official bit, and we then got the Bridal party inside.


It wasn’t long before they were back outside as a newly married couple, and plenty of photos were taken before the Bride and Groom were ready to be taken on to The Swan Inn for their reception.

That was the end of our input for the day, but after a meal they were going to have a karaoke evening and were ready to really enjoy themselves.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing a part in their special day, and we wish them the very best for their future together!

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A Winter Wedding!

As you’d imagine, most weddings in the UK take place during Spring, Summer & Autumn, with a steady trickle keeping us going through the Winter months. You have to be pretty hardy and an eternal optimist to schedule a Winter wedding, given that most Brides and Bridesmaids will still want their fairy tale dresses, and want to show them off rather than cover them up with coats!

In our short time in business we’ve been hired on quite a few cold Winter days, and fortunately Betty’s heater is a good one! Last week though, was the first time we’ve been involved with a wedding in the snow! And it was freezing cold too, thanks to the Beast from the East!



We were hired to take the Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids to the venue only, and in the days leading up to the wedding day, a rather nervous MOB was in frequent contact asking how Betty was in the snow (we didn’t know), and should we leave earlier than planned etc. The pick up address was on a road which was still covered in snow and ice, and as it was not too far away, I drove up there to see for myself and it was definitely very slippery.

I didn’t go up in Betty as she’s been valeted and prepared for the big day, so it was still going to be guess work as to how she would cope in those conditions. I felt pretty confident she would be ok though.


Come the wedding day and conditions hadn’t worsened, which according to the forecast had been a possibility! Betty was duly dressed in her ribbons, which being pink, certainly added a touch of colour to the wintry scene.

I arrived a bit early at the pick up road, and had the opportunity to test Betty stopping and starting in the icy snow. I decided that I’d find a bit of clear road surface close to the house if I could which would at least let us get away!


With the MOB and Bridesmaids on board, we steadily made it off that road and from there on the roads were pretty clear of snow and ice, so we had no dramas, thankfully. We got to Colwick Hall Hotel, the wedding venue, in very good time, after which we left and let them get on with their special day – in the warm!

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