Spring Weddings, and Bonkers Weather!

“Spring is sprung the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdies is!”

Well, the birds are arriving now and we know Spring is here because of the extremely fluctuating weather typical of this season. It’s that time of year where on the same day you can see some people in shorts and flip-flops and others well wrapped up against the cold, and probably both getting it right!

Our two most recent couples experienced vastly different weather conditions for their respective weddings which were just over a week apart.


The first couple, the lovely Beth & Sam, caught the wrong end of the weather spectrum as on the day of their wedding at Shottle Hall, it was very cold and with a howling wind. However, even this was a lot better than the previous week when we did the dummy run to check out the route, as on that day it snowed and the road was even flooded in parts!



We were hired to take the Bridesmaids, who looked wonderful in Rose Gold, and then return for Beth and her Mother. We were due to stay until after the ceremony so the couple could have photos with Betty. The howling wind and freezing temperature did their worst as the couple and guests emerged for the group photos and after probably half an hour of their suffering, Helen, the Mother of the Bride came to tell me that it was OK for me to leave as the couple had had enough and were frozen to the bone and needed to get inside to thaw out! I can’t say I blame them!


Compare and contrast their experience with what happened just a few days later. For the week after Beth & Sam’s wedding, we were getting the year’s first appearance of “The UK will be hotter than…” This time the sad loser was Greece, as our swiftly arriving heatwave would put the Hellenic Republic’s acclaimed climate in its place. And so it turned out, and white legs were everywhere and BBQ smoke was in the air, as we embraced the long overdue sunshine!

Cue the wedding of the lovely Kat & John. The very high temperatures of the midweek had eased a bit leaving ideal wedding day conditions, as it was still very warm, dry and with no wind! Whatever else happened on their day, they’d really hit the weather jackpot!

They were married at St Francis of Assisi Church in their and our own home town of Long Eaton, which was to be followed by their reception at Loughborough Grammar School.



Again we were to take the Bridesmaids first, and they too looked wonderful with a very retro look, and Betty was wearing purple ribbons to match their dresses. We then returned to take Kat & her Father, and Long Eaton’s notorious Saturday gridlock problems didn’t quite catch us out!


One unusual aspect of this wedding on our doorstep, was that due to them having a small reception at the Church after the ceremony and before moving on to the School, I was able to return home for a while after dropping them off, which was a first!


This was our first wedding of the year where the air conditioning was needed and the heater wasn’t on full blast like just over a week earlier!

Both of our couples were delightful, both Brides looked amazing in their dresses, and both days were very enjoyable for us. The weather did what it did, but we’re unlikely to see such contrasting weather again in two weddings so close together.

Although, this is the UK…

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