And it all came together..

The possibility of England’s young, inexperienced football team being in the quarter finals of the World Cup, on the day you choose for your wedding wouldn’t be at the top of most couple’s reasons for avoiding that date and we doubt it even crossed the minds of Samantha & John. To them, the 7th of July ticked enough boxes and the date was set.

This summer is different to many others though, and that’s just what did happen, and the time of the wedding ceremony, 3pm, turned out to be the exact kick off time of the game when England played Sweden for a place in the semi finals!!

As a result, we could imagine Samantha, along with many other Brides around the country, worrying about how they’d keep everyone focused on the reason that they’re there and not be distracted by events unfolding in Russia.


Samantha and her Bridesmaids were in good spirits though, when we picked them up to take them to Arnot Hill House, Nottingham for her ceremony. You always hope for good weather on the day, and like most days during the last couple of months or so, it was dry and hot – in fact it was very, very hot!

This wasn’t an issue until we arrived at the venue, to be met by a guest hurrying towards us saying we had to turn around as there was a delay due to the venue’s fire alarm going off, involving a turnout by the local Fire Service, who’d just left before we got there. It was a false alarm, but the wedding was going to be delayed by at least 30 minutes and we had to find a suitable waiting spot in the shade, so everyone didn’t cook in Betty!


The venue is in a small leafy park so it wasn’t too difficult, nor too far away, so various runners were able to keep us informed of progress and let us know when we could put in our appearance, which ended up being after about a 45 minute delay!

This meant of course, that the quarter final game, against Sweden, now started before the ceremony would take place. A lot of mobile data was used in that period as many followed the team’s progress. As it happens, their progress was good and they won, which added to the good mood of the day!


After the ceremony and photos, Betty’s final role of the day, was to take the newlyweds on to their reception at Mellish Rugby Club, Mapperley Plains, Nottingham, where no doubt the glorious weather and the right result in the football, ensured a great evening was had by all!

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