The London Connection

We make a lot of the fact that Betty is a London Taxi, known throughout the World as the iconic Black Cab, and that she spent all of her previous working life on the streets of the Capital.

We feel there’s a bit more romance to her story than if she’d just been operating in the provinces, where many of her kind see out their time. It allows us to fantasize about just who of the great and the good might have traveled in her over the years!

London Taxis and Bus

And that seems to work in our favour, as it’s certainly no coincidence that a healthy slice of our weddings have a strong London connection. Close to 10% of our bookings to date have this connection and they fall into two categories:

1 – the couple, or at least one of them currently lives and works in London and is coming back to the region where they grew up and where family still live, to get married

bride and Groom in rear of London Taxi wedding car

“We planned our midlands wedding from London which caused some logistical problems with other suppliers but Andy was fantastic”

2 – the family once lived in London and feel that hiring Betty gives them a trip down memory lane.

Bride and Groom in rear of London Taxi Wedding car

“we originally come from London, and we thought a London cab would be a good touch for a wedding car”

The first category is the most common for us, but both give us the opportunity to explore our common ground.

For instance, in one of our weddings, the Bride (in the picture above) and her family had moved to Lincolnshire from Chingford, North East London, many years before, and we were able to make that connection even stronger by letting them know that Betty was originally from Chingford too!  Her previous owner Eddie, lived there and that’s where they started out from each day. Another coincidence was that the Bride’s name was Becky and as a young girl she couldn’t say it properly and called herself Betty.

Our Betty is unique in the Midlands as the only white London Taxi used purely as a wedding car, which is why we tend to operate over a wider area than most wedding car companies. London Taxis are built to do a lot of mileage, so we’re quite happy to go anywhere within reason.

Bride & Groom with London Taxi Wedding Cars at Nottingham Golf and Country Club

It also helps that we have a couple of other companies local to us which hire out vintage London buses for weddings and events, and one now has a black London Taxi too. We’ve worked together with them a few times where the couple have gone for the complete London transport theme.

London Taxi Wedding Car and London Bus at Royal Oak House Derby

As many Brides have found out, this versatile vehicle, built to perform a specific function in a major City environment, not only ticks the “different” box, but it just happens to be very practical as a wedding car too, wherever you are!

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