Our Weddings at Hazel Gap Barn

We never get bored by repetition in the wedding industry, as each wedding is unique. In every instance, the participants are different, styles and themes vary, and there’s such a wide choice of places to get married in now too.

As a Wedding Car provider, we get to see many different venues. There are traditional Churches and  Register Offices, and because private premises can now get licensed to hold Civil Ceremonies, all sorts of buildings and places have popped up, from old utility buildings like Pumping Houses, and Stations, to Castles and Golf and Country Clubs, as well as Tipis and Marquees in a field.

London Taxi Wedding car at Belvoir Castle at Christmas
Belvoir Castle

We’ve certainly been involved in all of these and many more.  It’s always good to see a new venue, but it’s also good to see familiar venues as mostly it’s from a different starting point with a different journey each time, which still makes the day unique.

For some reason that we’re not sure of, as it’s not exactly next door to us, our most popular venue to date is Hazel Gap Barn, in Budby, Nottinghamshire. This stunning venue is part of the portfolio of wedding properties from Cripps & Co, and as the name implies, it is a converted Barn, and the conversion is just absolutely wonderful.


London Taxi Wedding Car at Hazel Gap Barn

The venue opened for business just about the same time as us, in 2016, and it’s already so popular you have to book a very long time in advance to get a date there.

We’ve already been hired for several weddings at the venue and have even more booked in for the future. So far we’ve come at it from all directions, having picked up Brides in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, as well as Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

London Taxi Wedding car outside St John's Church, Perlethorpe

For some couples. the venue has held both their ceremony and reception, but we’ve also taken couples there just for their reception, after their respective weddings at the nearby St John’s Church, Perlethorpe, which we believe was the Estate Church for Thoresby Hall.

bride and Groom in London Taxi Wedding Car at St John's Church Perlethorpe
The lovely Claire and Steve at St John’s Church Perlethorpe

Hazel Gap Barn is in a rural location and its opening must have benefited local B&Bs and the nearby Clumber Park Hotel, which is just an eight minute drive away. That short drive time has enabled us to make more than one journey to the venue from there on a few occasions, with Bridesmaids and Mothers of the Bride, before taking the Brides themselves.

The venue is a photographer’s dream, and as well as having taken many photos there of our own, we’ve also had some wonderful photos sent to us of one particular wedding we were jointly involved in by the very talented Yorkshire based photographer Michal Ufniak

Bride and Groom by London Taxi Wedding Car at Hazel Gap Barn
Photo courtesy of http://www.ufniak.co.uk

London Taxi Wedding Car arriving at Hazel Gap Barn

Photo courtesy of http://www.ufniak.co.uk

The couple were the lovely Jen & Lyle from London, and they’ve kindly let us share their wedding day photos.

Bride and Groom in London Taxi Wedding Car at Hazel Gap barn
Photo courtesy of http://www.ufniak.co.uk
Bride and Groom by London Taxi Wedding Car at Hazel Gap Barn
Photo courtesy of http://www.ufniak.co.uk

As with all of our weddings, we have fond memories of that day. The weather was wonderful , and we picked Jen, her Bridesmaids and her Mother up in South Scarle, close to Newark Nottinghamshire. We stopped off at the village cemetery, so the Bride could put some flowers on her Father’s grave, and then on the longish drive to Hazel Gap Barn, we had to go over a small toll bridge, which was a first, and it cost all of 40 pence! Another first was having the Groom in a kilt!

Bride and Groom by London Taxi Wedding Car at Hazel Gap Barn
Photo courtesy of http://www.ufniak.co.uk

Even though the ceremony and reception were at the venue, which often means our day ends after having dropped off the Bride, we were hired on this occasion to wait until after the ceremony so that the couple could include Betty in their photos, for which we’re very thankful!

The London Connection continues, as three of our couples who’ve married here are London based and have come back to their roots and family for their wedding day.

Bride and Groom with a London Bus and London Taxi Wedding Car at Hazel Gap Barn

The lovely Jasmin and Tim didn’t have the best of luck with their weather, but they made the most of their London connection by not only having Betty as the transport for the Bridesmaids and then the Bride herself, but they also hired a vintage London Bus to transport their guests from Clumber Park Hotel.

Bride and Groom on step of vintage London Bus at Hazel Gap Barn

Bride and Groom in London Taxi Wedding Car at Hazel Gap Barn

As long as Hazel Gap Barn prospers as a popular venue, we’re pretty sure we’ll keep coming back here for even more weddings, and we can’t ask for more that that!

For more information about us and our services, please visit here

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