The London Connection

We make a lot of the fact that Betty is a London Taxi, known throughout the World as the iconic Black Cab, and that she spent all of her working life on the streets of the Capital.

We feel there’s a bit more romance to her story than if she’d just been operating in the provinces, where many of her kind see out their time. It allows us to fantasize about just who of the great and the good might have traveled in her over the years!


And that seems to work in our favour, as it’s certainly no coincidence that our next three weddings each have a strong London connection. Over 10% of our bookings to date have this connection and they fall into two categories:

1 – the couple, or at least one of them currently lives and works in London and is coming back to the region where they grew up and where family still live, to get married


“We planned our midlands wedding from London which caused some logistical problems with other suppliers but Andy was fantastic”

2 – the family once lived in London and feel that hiring Betty gives them a trip down memory lane.


“we originally come from London, and we thought a London cab would be a good touch for a wedding car”

The first category is the most common for us, but both give us the opportunity to explore our common ground.

For instance, in one of our weddings this year, the Bride (in the picture above) and her family had moved to Lincolnshire from Chingford, North East London, many years before, and we were able to make that connection even stronger by letting them know that Betty was originally from Chingford too!  Her previous owner Eddie, lived there and that’s where they started out from each day. Another coincidence was that the Bride’s name was Becky and as a young girl she couldn’t say it properly and called herself Betty.

Our Betty is unique in the East Midlands as the only white London Taxi used purely as a wedding car, which is why we tend to operate over a wider area than most wedding car companies. London Taxis are built to do a lot of mileage, so we’re quite happy to go anywhere within reason.


It also helps that we have another company local to us in Nottingham Blackmore Commercials which hires out vintage London buses for weddings and events, and they now have a black London Taxi too. We’ve worked together with them a few times where the couple have gone for the complete London transport theme. The second of our three forthcoming weddings will have both Taxis and a bus which will be a first for us and it should look great!


As many Brides have found out, this versatile vehicle, built to perform a specific function in a major City environment, not only ticks the “different” box, but it just happens to be very practical as a wedding car too!

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Our Autumn Weddings

One of the joys of being involved with weddings, is that each one is unique. The principle is always the same, that a couple have a wedding ceremony somewhere and invite their family and friends to share their special day, but each couple is different, the guests are different, no two journeys are the same, and the style can vary a lot from wedding to wedding. However, patterns or duplication sometimes emerge and in our last eight weddings, this has mostly been the case.

Our first two couples with some connection were Sarah & Ryan and Kate & John. The similarities for them were distance and weather.



In Sarah & Ryan’s case, their ceremony was at St John’s Church, Perlethorpe, with their reception at Hazel Gap Barn, our most popular venue. Although we’ve been hired for many weddings at Hazel Gap, we’ve always picked up and traveled North to it, but on this occasion the enquiry came from further North in Doncaster, which is out of our normal area, but we didn’t want to miss out on another wedding at this venue, so we gladly accepted it and were pleased that we did!


If Doncaster is the furthest North we’ve been, for the wedding of Kate & John, we headed to our southernmost point at Warwick House, Southam in Warwickshire for the reception, after their wedding took place at St Mary’s Church Coventry. We took the Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride to the Church first and then Kate and her Father.

Another connection between these two weddings was the weather, as they were the two wettest days we’ve had so far, and all of our umbrellas were in action, but in both instances the Brides were stoical and didn’t let it spoil their day! We wish them both well!


Our next two couples, Vicky & Eddie and Emma & Dom, had the ceremony venue in common as both couples got married at Bridgford Hall, West Bridgford, and the weather was kind to them all!


Vicky & Eddie are from West Bridgford, so the the journey with Vicky, her children and her Mother was short, although we had to get to the Hall through a public car park as the normal entrance gates had been trashed by a bin lorry a few days previously. We then took the newlyweds on to The White Horse in Ruddington for their reception.


The journey to Bridgford Hall  from Sandiacre was a bit longer for Emma and her Father for her marriage to Dom, and by this time the gates had been repaired. This was a very relaxed, unfussy couple and we’ve no doubt they enjoyed their reception after we’d taken them to The Victoria in Beeston.


The same Church, St Matthew in Darley Abbey, was the connection for Phoebe & Pete and Claire and Simon, and they were two consecutive weddings for us as they were just five days apart, and coincidentally, both had the same photographer!


Phoebe traveled from Langley Country Park, Derby for her wedding to Pete. Our first role was to take the Bridesmaids to the Church and then return for Phoebe and her Father. Although the day was dry, it was very cold and Phoebe especially was very appreciative of the warmth inside Betty after standing outside the Church for photos for quite some time. The journey to Blackbrook House, Belper for their reception, was long enough for both husband and wife to thaw out!


Claire’s journey to the same Church with her Mother, Father and two Bridesmaids was even shorter for her marriage to Simon and although it was still cool it was at least dry and nothing like as cold as for the previous wedding. Claire told us she’d had some anxiety about the day in the build up, but she was as cool as a cucumber on the day!  Afterwards, we took them to The Farmhouse at Mackworth for their reception.


We’re struggling to come up with a connection for our final two couples, so we won’t force it!


Firstly, we were hired just to take the Bride, her Mother, and her two young Bridesmaids from Heanor to the Carriage Hall Plumtree, where Leanne was to marry Matt. The ceremony and reception were at the same venue and on these occasions we don’t get to see the Groom unless we’re hired to wait until after the ceremony for photos with Betty. We weren’t on this occasion but the journey there was long enough to have a chat with Leanne and get to know a bit about her and her family.


And finally, the lovely couple were Lauren & Matt who were married at St Chad’s Church, Lichfield, with their reception at the Mercure Hotel, Newton Park, Burton. The journey to the gorgeous Church wasn’t far and once again we took Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride first, and then the Bride, her Father, and we believe it was her Grandfather as well.

This couple have the distinction of having our longest period from booking to the wedding date, so far! Laura hired us in October 2016, our very first year, and waited for nearly two years for her day to come around. It was worth it for us and we hope it was for her too!

Eight weddings, eight different couples, and eight totally different experiences, and we’ve loved them all!


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